Reminder: Voice, English

Supported commands


  • open setting;
  • adjust the volume;
  • open application;
  • help;
  • add birthday;
  • add a reminder;

Add a note

Builder: Note (text)

Example: Note (buy the book)

Add reminder

As such there is no pattern, just say your task

Supported command modifiers (order does not matter)

  • after (days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds);
  • tomorrow;
  • send:
    • message;
    • letter (beta);
  • call;
  • name of a contact in the phonebook;
  • every (days, weeks, hours);
  • days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.);
  • date (eg February 25);
  • time (eg at 8:30 amp/pm or at 8 hours 40 minutes);
  • time of day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) * – Change it in the settings;

For tasks (call and send messages) a contact name pronunciation is required.