Reminder: Help, English

  1. How to add reminders?
  2. How to turn on / off the alarm?
  3. How to transfer reminder to archive?
  4. How to completely remove the reminder?
  5. How to edit the reminder?
  6. How to edit birthday?
  7. How to add birthday?
  8. How to delete birthday?
  9. How to add note?
  10. Not all reminders are restored from backups?
  11. How to clear reminders archive?
  12. How to delete archived reminder?
  13. How to edit archived reminder?
  14. For what point “Smart fold” in the settings?
  15. How to connect to Google Drive or Dropbox?
  16. What is a “Permanent notification” in the settings?
  17. What is the “Voice notification” in the settings?
  18. For what point “Unlock screen” in the settings?
  19. For what point “Auto launch” in the settings?
  20. For what point “Delay time” in the settings?
  21. For what point “Notification repeat” in the settings?
  22. For what point “Quick SMS” in the settings?
  23. For what point “After call reminder” in the settings?
  24. For what point “Destination distance notification” in the settings?
  25. For what point “Destination radius” in the settings?
  26. For what point “Places” in the settings?
  27. For what point “Tracking settings” in the settings?
  28. For what point “Quick note reminder” in the settings?
  29. For what point “Times of day” in the settings?
  30. How to add quick note?

A: To add a reminder on the home screen of the application, click the “Plus” button next to “Reminders”. Or open the Reminders screen and click on the “Plus” button.

A: To turn off reminder just check it on the home screen. To enable deselect the desired reminder.

A: To archive a reminder on the home screen, click “three dots” and select “Move to Trash”.

A: To completely delete a reminder, go to the reminder archive tab, click “three dots” and select “Delete”.

A: To edit a reminder, click on “three dots” and select “Edit”.

A: To edit your birthday, open the birthdays screen and click on the birthday.

A: To add a birthday, click the “Plus” button next to “Birthdays”. Or open the Birthdays screen and click on the “Plus” button.

A: To delete a birthday, open the Birthdays screen, click “three points” and select “Delete”.

A: To add a note, go to the Notes screen and click the “Plus” button there.

A: Reserving system is designed so that reminder time of it has expired is not restored to the application.

A: To clear the archive of reminders just click the “Trash” button.

A: To delete an archived reminder, click “three dots” and select “Delete”.

A: To edit an archived reminder, just open it.

A: This option allows you to hide the reminder window with back button to respond to it later.

A: To enable the ability to save backups to cloud storage, go to Settings > Export and Sync > Third Party Service and in the window that appears, choose the appropriate cloud storage.

A: When you turn on this point creates a message that shows the following information about reminder and buttons to quickly add notes and reminders.

A: Voice notifications – a playback the text of reminder instead of melody. The text playing only when it coincides with the language of the text selected in the settings.

A: This option allows your application to unlock the screen to quickly respond to the reminder. When leaving the reminder the screen is blocked.

A: This option allows you to automatically open application or a link in browser with appropriate reminder type.

A: Here you can choose the time at which it will be possible to delay the reminder.

A: This option enables the reminder to recur if the user did not respond to previous. The recurrence interval can be chosen in the next paragraph.

A: This option activates quick response to a call rejected. To do this, create message templates for answers.

A: This option allows you to create quick reminder immediately after the call.

A: This option switches on displaying distance to the goal selected in location reminder.

A: This is the distance to the target specified in location reminder, which will reminded.

A: Here you can create a list of your favorite places to quickly create these reminders.

A: Here you can specify a minimum distance and time to update the position. The smaller index the higher accuracy.

A: This option enables creating reminder when you add quick note. The time by which the reminder will due You can change in next paragraph.

A: Here you can change the time used for voice with an undetermined time.

A: On the home screen, press and hold the “Note” button.