Moove – Location reminder

Create reminders with destination point and continue to do your own business, and when you reach the point of triggering, the app will help you.

The application supports two basic types of reminder with extension options
•  Reminder on arrival in a certain place;
•  Reminders when a user leaves a specified location.

Extension options for each reminder
•  Sending SMS;
•  Reminder the phone call;
•  Postponing the start of tracking to save battery power;
•  Automatic switching with GPS tracking to over the network and vice versa;
•  Android Wear notification;
•  Application – companion for watches on Android Wear;
•  Customizable LED indication;
•  Select a melody and reminder volume;
•  Highlighting display;
•  Unlocking the screen;
•  Choose your style of marker for each reminder.


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